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A little bit about BrandsEye Crowd

The BrandsEye Crowd is a large community of real people who bring local context and judgement to evaluating and contextualising online mentions.

The Crowd is backed by a sophisticated computer platform that uses techniques for ranking chess grandmasters to ensure consistent accuracy.

The BrandsEye Crowd feeds more reliably contextualised data back to BrandsEye which enables clients to generate accurate insights.


Through the innovation of the Crowd, BrandsEye is able to deliver the following benefits to our clients:

  • Up to 20% more data accuracy than the current industry average
  • Accurate insights generated from more reliably contextualised data
  • The enabling of improved strategic business decision-making from these insights

The innovation and competitive edge

  • Computers are incredible, but there are limitations to what they can interpret. By adopting crowdsourcing principles to data contextualisation, BrandsEye is able to provide better quality data to generate more accurate insights.
  • BrandsEye is the first company, globally, to adopt such principles to tackle accuracy in the online monitoring and insights industry.
  • To meet the needs of our growing global customer base, BrandsEye aims to leverage the Crowd to provide effective multi-language monitoring, which understands the vernacular and slang of the local culture.