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We are the world’s leading
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The next level in sentiment analytics.


We help decision makers make sense of public opinion in a 'post-truth' world.

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Our approach to sentiment analysis is a unique collaboration between algorithms and people.

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We believe crowd verification is essential for accurate opinion data.

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From market research and risk analysis to campaign and competitor benchmarking. We work with research companies, consulting houses, global organisations, international broadcasters and governments to provide unique insights, based on accurate opinion mining data, that drives smarter decision making.
  • It was a pleasure collaborating with the wonderful team of BrandsEye, to conduct a scholarly study of the Middle East airline industry. Academic rigor demands precision of analysis and substantiveness of data. BrandsEye delivered just that.

    Although we only required sentiment analysis, this solution provided the next level of social analysis, by mining thoroughly accurate opinion data. The insights were provided at a speed that we didn’t even think was possible. Although we used the service for reputation measurement, I am sure the solution can be utilized for many more purposes (customer insights discovery, product development, market trend forecast, SWOT analysis, blue ocean strategy development, and in-depth competitive analysis).

    Simply put, BrandsEye is second to none at what it does, and there is no second to BrandsEye. It has my highest endorsement from an academic, and a managerial perspective.

    Dr. Salman Khan, Senior Researcher
    Toulouse Business School
  • We receive great service from the BrandsEye team, with quick turnaround times and enthusiasm for delivering accurate sentiment driven data for the business.

    Kelly Walden, Digital Marketing Manager
  • In the modern day business environment where social media reigns, BrandsEye is a must have tool. We love the user friendly interface which gives us access to detailed banking insights in a matter of seconds. BrandsEye has quickly become our tool of choice for keeping our finger on the pulse of online conversations for our brand

    Charl Nel, Head of Strategic Communications
    Capitec Bank
  • Having access to the BrandsEye platform has provided us with accurate data that helps drive meaningful data-driven decision making within the company and allows for accurate goal setting across our marketing and communications campaigns.

    Olivia Waterkeyn, Social Media Marketing Manager
    Uber South Africa
  • If you are looking for an analytics product that doesn’t just monitor, but truly listens to online conversations letting you know the sentiment towards a brand or issue and more importantly what is driving that conversation then BrandsEye is the ideal tool.

    Tendai Dube, Social Media Analysis
  • The BrandsEye team are hands-on and a blast to work with. They’ve assisted us in setting up dashboards for various campaigns that have delivered awesome insights into our client base letting us know which channels are truly effective when engaging with our target market.

    JP Le Roux, Creative Lead
  • The monthly reports delivered by BrandsEye provide valuable insight and helps us plan our communication efforts where it will make the biggest impact. Their reports also enable us to track the impact of our ongoing efforts in proactively managing our online reputation.

    Tertia Kruger, Corporate Communication Manager
    Mediclinic Southern Africa

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