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Do you know what's really being said
about you?

When consumers have something to say, everyone can hear it – everywhere. How good is your social media listening? Can it discern what's really important for your business?

  • Why are competitors gaining your ground?

  • Why are your customers leaving?

  • Why is one campaign effective, but not another?

  • Why are your customers frustrated?

  • Why do they love you?

We can tell you why.

Our crowd-sourcing approach is way ahead.
While software is great, people aren't always easy to read.
So we partner software with people, lots of people. In fact, a crowd – our Crowd.

Image of system Image of system

Our system seeks out data that's relevant to you.

Image of crowd people Image of people

Our Crowd interprets all those distinctly human communication quirks.

How do you benefit from more accurate data?

Accurate insight means better business decisions

Three major companies, MTN, Vodacom and Cell C, operate in South Africa’s mature and highly competitive market – so customer churn is a critical metric. If social media can be used as an indicator of customer satisfaction, it should help predict churn – so what do the numbers say?

We calculated average sentiment across 1 000 mentions for each operator, using the BrandsEye Crowd and three of the biggest sentiment API providers in the market. With dramatically different results.

Why? Because algorithms are (still) poor at understanding sentiment, particularly in social media. A crowdsourcing approach to understanding sentiment succeeds where algorithms fail.

Executive Decision‑Making

Accurate data is a game-changer. You can’t afford to react or make decisions based on misleading data.

Furthermore, having an accurate read on how your customers really feel about you, and more specifically WHY they feel the way they do, enables you to hold your various departments accountable for making changes they know will affect their customers positively.

Reputation Risk Management

Early warning on a crisis can significantly benefit your share price.

Ask us, we’ve helped many customers through tricky situations. Measuring shifts in consumer sentiment can identify red flags, as well as let you engage pro-actively on topics you know your customers care about.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing measurement is evolving. The challenge is keeping up. Our system puts you ahead of the curve.

Better data lets you set KPIs more precisely linked to how consumers feel, making you smarter with your marketing spend.

Plan, execute and measure with confidence.

Customer Relationship Management

Find out what’s driving churn and retention – whether your customers are happier than your competitors’.

Cut through the noise to quickly identify what your customers care about and improve customer care response times.

Research and Strategy

Social media, combined with your database of unstructured data, is a rich seam ready to be mined. Business intelligence in the raw.

We can quickly, economically and accurately clean and enrich your data. Benchmark across an industry, anticipate shifts in market share, understand your brand attributes from a consumer perspective and much much more.

Our software and crowd-sourcing approach enables research in ways you never imagined.

The insights we provide are trusted
by a wide range of clients.

  • The data set looks superb, and more than sufficient for drawing analytic conclusions in which we have a high degree of confidence.

    Thank you very much to you and the team for your support during this project - from collection design a couple of months prior to the visit, through to verification today (in record time).

    You’ll be happy to know the BrandsEye platform was used extensively to gain valuable insight in every matter related to this [project].”

    International Social Science Thinktank
  • They have gone beyond the call of duty to assist us in setting up dashboards that monitored the activities relating to the incident. The dashboards were created specifically to ensure that we receive the most accurate data as well as comprehensive in-depth reports.

  • Online reputation management is of vital importance in today’s digitally connected world and we have found BrandsEye to be responsive, attentive and able to assist in successfully managing multiple incidences.

    As trusted advisors for our client base, when asked who we recommend for these services they are our default partner as we found their offering to add immense value. BrandsEye does not only add value to out clients, they have become an integral part of out service offering to our clients.

    Jeanne Rogers
  • We have worked with BrandsEye over the last year to track our current tours and use as part of our research to review international artists touring to South Africa.

    BrandsEye has been very insightful to track our online value and market research. The team that manage our account are fantastic and always available to offer helpful tips.

    We would highly recommend them.

    Sophie Doherty
    Marketing Manager
    Big Concerts International
  • Information spreads around the world at a much faster pace every year, making reputation management a critical business skill. With this in mind, Mediclinic required an online monitoring & insights tool that could measure our media presence and reputation without bias, error or falter…

    The monthly reports delivered by Brandseye provide valuable insight and helps us plan our communication efforts where it will make the biggest impact. Their reports also enable us to track the impact of our ongoing efforts in proactively managing our online reputation.

    Tertia Kruger
    Corporate Communication Manager
    Mediclinic Southern Africa
  • BrandsEye offers our team insight into our clients’ Social Media audiences, and the tool is intuitive and easy to use. The data available assists us to make informed decisions when creating Social Media content, ensuring that campaigns are relevant and engaging for the online audience. Not only that, but the BrandsEye team always go beyond the call of duty, and have worked closely with us to ensure that our clients are happy.

    Robynne Rowlinson
    Account Director

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