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The Opinion Mining Company

We mine opinion data from social media
to provide actionable insights
for your organisation.

What sets us apart

We help you understand what's really driving public opinion.

Our technology identifies the topics driving public sentiment, helping you to understand not just how people feel, but what’s making them feel that way. BrandsEye’s Crowd of human verifiers categorise individual social media posts into a number of industry-specific categories from financial services to telcos. Our topics-level analysis empowers you to make tailored interventions from customer experience to political campaigning.

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We combine AI and human crowds to accurately rate sentiment.

Algorithms by themselves cannot accurately understand human conversation with its tonal subtleties, sarcasm, slang, and mixed sentiment. BrandsEye overcomes these challenges by augmenting its algorithms with a proprietary Crowd of trained human contributors. Crowd members review, verify and categorise the sentiment contained in individual social media posts, helping us to achieve industry-leading sentiment accuracy.

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