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BrandsEye is the world’s first crowd-integrated media intelligence company. We cut through the clutter of unstructured data to provide you with accurate, data-driven insights to guide your strategy.

Through our integrated platform, you’ll get a 360 degree view of what is being said about your brand, how people feel and the key issues driving their opinions. We take media analytics to a new level by combining traditional broadcast media and print with online news and social media monitoring, all in one centralised platform.

Who should use it

Consumers are publishers and can elevate or crush brands with little more than a tweet these days. Listening to them, tracking relevant topics and learning from them is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. More information.

How BrandsEye works

BrandsEye hunts for data about your brand and what is being said about it online, on social and in print and broadcast media. We then convert that data into actionable insights by using a combination of machine and human learning. Here’s how.

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Our Crowd drives data accuracy

While software is great, people aren't always easy to read.
So we partner with a global network of people, lots of people.
In fact, a crowd – our Crowd.

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Our system seeks out data that's specifically relevant to you.

Image of people

Our Crowd interprets all those distinctly human communication quirks (e.g. sarcasm and slang).

Our clients

From PR, marketing and advertising agencies to telcos, entertainment giants and medical providers. BrandsEye’s clients span across various industries, but they all have one thing in common – they care about what people are saying about them and are using available data to make better businesses.

  • The BrandsEye team are hands-on and a blast to work with. They’ve assisted us in setting up dashboards for various campaigns that have delivered awesome insights into whether we’re reaching the right customers via the right channels.

    JP Le Roux, Creative Lead
  • We receive great service from the Brandseye team, with quick turnaround times and enthusiasm for our brand.

    Kelly Walden, Digital Marketing Manager
    Adidas SA
  • In the modern day business environment where social media reigns, BrandsEye is a must have tool. We love the user friendly interface which gives you access to detailed insight in seconds. BrandsEye has quickly become our tool of choice for keeping our finger on the pulse of our social media accounts.

    Charl Nel, Head of Strategic Communications
  • Having access to the Brandseye platform has allowed for meaningful data-driven decision making and accurate goal setting across our marketing and communications campaigns across Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Olivia Waterkeyn, Social Media Marketing Manager
    Uber South Africa
  • The monthly reports delivered by Brandseye provide valuable insight and helps us plan our communication efforts where it will make the biggest impact. Their reports also enable us to track the impact of our ongoing efforts in proactively managing our online reputation.

    Tertia Kruger, Corporate Communication Manager
    Mediclinic Southern Africa
  • I now feel like I have eyes in the back of my head, because even without being tagged in posts, I can keep ahead of the customers’ sentiments and perceptions of our brands. The array of statistical information I am able to offer various departments in our organisation throughout campaigns with live-tracking is a great asset too.

    Sherrilynne Andreas

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