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Helping brands deal with an increase in digital customer service requests

In this unprecedented time of global uncertainty and disruption, BrandsEye is helping organisations keep their social customer service teams online and serve at-risk customers.

The closure of physical branches and stores, as well as the expansion of online services, has placed immense pressure on customer service teams. In search of responsive service and urgent information, customers have turned to digital channels for support

Using a combination of our social customer service platform and our brand tracking solution, we’re helping organisations meet the demands of growing customer service requests on digital channels.

Our Crowd of human contributors work on your inbound customer requests before they hit your service agents, allowing for workflow efficiencies and prioritisation based on risk and urgency. This enables your social team to deal with increased demand with the same or fewer resources. Our reporting and insights tool allows you to measure the impact of your care teams and surface rich insights, including the identification of risks and trends, that require your urgent attention.

Empower your agents to deliver impactful service to customers in urgent need of information and support

  • Meet the unprecedented demand for digital customer service requests
  • Maintain business continuity using tools that prioritise your most important customer service requests
  • Mitigate high impact risk in a period of uncertainty and disruption
  • Quickly identify and address unforeseen customer pain points
  • Deliver responsive service with a lean team
  • Monitor the impact of these rapidly unfolding events on your business for fast intervention and reputation management
  • Gain an accurate measure of public sentiment toward your brand

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Coronavirus and the customer service imperative

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