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We provide leading opinion data accuracy through our world first crowd integrated social analytics approach, see how we do it here.

Our Crowd consistently
outperforms algorithms

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Famous algorithm-based tool

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The BrandsEye Crowd

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Wrong again.


Here’s a quick look at how it works

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    First we hunt

    We continuously seek, gather and store mentions based on predefined criteria across online, social, print and broadcast media.
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    Next the data is sent to real life humans… we call them The Crowd

    Each selected mention is distributed to a locally relevant Crowd where real people from all over the world refine and contextualise the data based on local knowledge and understanding of idiosyncratic expression of sentiment.
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    Then the algorithm gets to work

    Our sophisticated machine learning algorithms evaluate each mention to ensure consistent accuracy and relevance.
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    Finally we visualise the piles and piles of data

    Data is brought to life in a highly customisable interface featuring a wide range of analysis tools giving you accurate data you can rely on.

Why Crowd verified data is important

Crowd integrated opinion data gives clients industry leading data accuracy of up to 97%. Find out how we do it.

  • Keep only what's relevant

    Our Crowd checks to see if the mention is relevant to you? For organisations and products with generic names or international alternatives this is the first hurdle towards accurate data.

  • Verify sentiment

    Algorithm based systems often get sentiment wrong because of the complex emotive nature of specifically social conversations, our Crowd looks at the meaning behind these posts ensuring data is correctly attributed as either positive, negative or neutral.

  • Discover and classify topics

    Now that you know how people feel, you need to get behind the why. The Crowd works though the data and organically uncovers the themes and key topics behind what people are talking about.

Rock-solid features come standard

  • Icon: Trained contributors
    Trained contributors
    All contributors are trained and vetted by a proprietary training system.
  • Icon: Multiple contributors
    Multiple contributors
    Multiple contributors evaluate selected mentions to eliminate user error.
  • Icon: Detailed evaluation
    Detailed evaluation
    Data points are evaluated for relevance and sentiment.
  • Icon: Versatile capacity
    Versatile capacity
    The Crowd is readily scalable in proportion to data density.
  • Icon: Fast evaluations
    Fast evaluations
    Each data point is evaluated by a person in just a few minutes.
  • Icon: Local crowds and languages
    Local crowds and languages
    Locally relevant crowds provide vastly better context when evaluating mentions.

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