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Get to understand the issues driving public opinion

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It’s one thing knowing how customers feel about you but it's far more valuable understanding why they’re feeling that way. BrandsEye Topics analysis provides organisations with an in-depth understanding of the issues driving positive and negative sentiment.

Combining AI & humans to discover
the topics driving sentiment

Enable targeted and tailored interventions
from customer experience to product improvements.

Data is first sorted for relevancy

Based on predefined criteria, public posts from across social media are gathered. Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, each post is evaluated to ensure relevance and the discovery of useful metadata such as location.

Each post is then analysed for sentiment

A sample of the social media data is distributed to BrandsEye’s proprietary Crowd of trained human contributors. The Crowd verify the relevancy of the data and then determine the sentiment contained in the post as being positive, negative, or neutral

Topics driving conversation are discovered by the Crowd

The BrandsEye Crowd categorises the individual mentions into one or more topic categories. The categorises are tailored to particular industry needs from financial services to retail outlets.

BrandsEye Topics inform better strategic planning across sectors

Map the customer experience landscape

Map the customer experience landscape

Unearth deeper insights about your customer journey. With a granular understanding of what issues are driving sentiment you’re able to prioritise customers’ most pressing concerns and make tailored customer-centric interventions.

Benchmark against competitors

Benchmark against competitors

Develop a holistic understanding of your industry by comparing your own customer experience with that of your competitors, over time and in specific locations.

Improve the delivery of services with public feedback

Improve the delivery of services with public feedback

Develop a detailed understanding of public priorities and concerns and how these shift in response to your services and policies.

Crowd classification

Custom conversation mapping

In addition to surfacing specific industry topics contained in conversation, BrandsEye's Crowd is able to categorise conversation into customised conversation themes. Crowd contributors classify individual social media posts according to an organisation’s requirements. Classification is typically used by organisations to sort social media conversation according to a tailored customer journey.

Customer journey classification enables organisations to identify at which stage specific issues occur. Each customer journey map applied by our Crowd in the classification process is tailored by the client according to their business and industry needs. This data is used to improve customer experience, increase operational efficiencies and improve customer service channels. Classification is also used for customer research to monitor specific areas of importance, to identify unhappy customers who could churn and identify prospective customers.

Find out how topics can unlock deeper insights
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Topics discovery is made possible by
the BrandsEye Crowd