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We mine conversational text using AI and human crowds, producing actionable data with industry-leading accuracy.

  • We define the true priorities of customers when they talk about a brand, service or product sector
  • We build an accurate picture of your contact centre’s performance, relative to your peer group, and identify pain points in your customer journey
  • We drive a competitive edge through real-time financial market sentiment, aligned to asset class
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Accurate insights. Actionable opportunities.
Putting you ahead of your competitors.

Leading businesses are putting customers at the heart of their strategies and operations. But to do this effectively, they need accurate, actionable data. Customer conversation is an unrivalled source of real-time, volunteered feedback – giving valuable insights into genuine customer expectations and experiences, without the need to conduct surveys or interviews.

As a source of inbound feedback, the unstructured nature of conversational text can make it difficult to use. With the sheer volume of inbound and irrelevant data, plus inaccurate analytics, making it harder to establish the true meaning and intent of a conversation.

BrandsEye has solved this.

We combine advanced AI with human intelligence to deliver industry-leading sentiment that significantly outperforms traditional algorithm-reliant methodology.

Our global crowd communities review data according to your exact requirements. They also provide a regional understanding, filtering for slang and sarcasm, whilst evaluating relevance and sentiment.

The result? Up to 97% accurate data, helping your business mitigate risk, reduce churn, and dramatically improve products, services and staff performance.

First we drill

First we drill

Using predefined criteria, we seek, gather and store mentions across online, social, print and
broadcast media.
Our algorithm sifts and selects

Our algorithm sifts and selects

Our sophisticated machine learning algorithms verify relevance and discover useful metadata.
Our crowd verifies sentiment, topic and intent

Our crowd verifies sentiment, topic and intent

A statistically random selection of opinions is fed to our crowd - who accurately validate and rate sentiments, along with the topics driving them.
We visualise the data ready for action

We visualise the data ready for action

Accurate, reliable data is brought to life in a highly customisable interface with a wide range of analysis tools.

Our partnership with Red Box

“We’re delighted to be working with Red Box. Last year we listened to and analysed over a billion conversations, and learned where organisations need to focus to improve their customer journeys. When we combine our capabilities with Red Box’s power to capture, store and convert conversation to text, clients will be able to sense and respond to all their conversations at scale. That is exciting.”

JP Kloppers, CEO BrandsEye

To find out more about our ground-breaking accurate analytics, call +44 56 0386 4907

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