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What is BrandsEye?
Better data, better insights

Get accurate data through our Crowd.

We help you understand the “why” behind what people are saying by asking humans to verify relevance, sentiment and the topics driving the conversations.

Our products add value
across the board

Listening, tracking and accurately making sense of all of the relevant topics and opinions in today’s 'post truth' world is critical. Whether you are a business executive, a risk analyst, a government official, a market researcher, a consultant or a PR and marketing manager, you need to know what is being said and what’s driving those opinions.
We have access to a broad range of social media sources, but it should be stressed that all our data is in the public domain and our access to online platforms is bound by a commitment to “not provide analyses or research that isolates a small group of individuals or an individual for any unlawful or discriminatory purpose". We are not in the surveillance business!

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