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Accurate sentiment driven opinion data to guide your business

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Our proprietary core product provides you with access to real-time opinion data with functionality that will gather, visualise and interrogate information to help you better understand and support your strategic business objectives.

The platform monitors global data social, online, print and broadcast media, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of your organisation and true brand health.

Product features

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 - Unrivalled Detailed Analysis

Unrivalled Detailed Analysis

In addition to highly accurate sentiment and topic analysis, we also report on metrics such as volume of mentions, sentiment over time, share of voice, share of conversations and segment the audience according to gender, location, language, and author credibility amongst other metadata.

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 - Accurate sentiment driven insights

Accurate sentiment driven insights

Our proprietary BrandsEye Crowd applies human understanding to achieve accurate sentiment analysis which is fed back into our algorithm. This approach allows us to mine opinions for insights which give our clients a unique perspective into the behaviour of their market. For more information on our unique approach, find out how it works.

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 - Real-time monitoring and notifications

Real-time monitoring and notifications

Stay on top of developments by tracking mentions and receiving notifications in real-time ensuring you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

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 - Global reach

Global reach

Our software is able to analyse over 600 different languages and dialects, with advanced analysis enabled through our Crowd across the Americas, Australasia, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

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 - Integrated Media Monitoring Service

Integrated Media Monitoring Service

Analyse, our core product, provides a comprehensive view of all your data from one centralised platform. Additional data sources can be added by plugging into custom sources from available feeds.

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 - Competitor benchmarking

Competitor benchmarking

Conduct regular benchmarking studies and see how your brand performs against your competitors based on risk, sentiment and share of voice.

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 - Identify top influencers

Identify top influencers

Identify top influencers (brand ambassadors), contributors and engagers and track the most influential authors in your market.

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 - Reporting and dashboards

Reporting and dashboards

Take advantage of unlimited dashboards and export data in various different formats.

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Our accurate data is powered
by the BrandsEye Crowd

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