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Customer service for social media platforms.

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Customers today expect to be able to engage with you on social media – is your finger on the pulse? Engage enables you and your team to respond quickly across multiple platforms.

Don’t be overwhelmed by streams of online conversation. We’ve leveraged our real-time listening and Crowd technology to build a platform which allows you to give each query the attention it deserves, while at the same time providing context about your target market for individualised service. Insights from Engage feed back into our core Analyse platform to enrich your data.

Product features

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 - Respond to queries

Respond to queries

Manage customer engagements across various social platforms and respond directly from the tool.

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 - Ticketing system

Ticketing system

Each conversation becomes a ticket, so you can make sure every customer query has been resolved. Internal comments let team members know what has happened offline.

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 - Conversations in context

Conversations in context

When you engage with someone online, you’ll see the current conversation plus any messages they’ve sent you in the past. You’ll also see which team members previously helped them, ensuring you are always on top of the conversations.

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