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Get access to historical Twitter data with this market research tool.

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Explore gives you access to all of Twitter’s data back to its origins in 2006. It integrates with our core platform, Analyse, allowing you to quickly search for keywords to visualise and compare trends, with language and country filtering. Optionally, download the data into your account and search for deeper opinion-based insights using our Analyse toolkit.

Effectively pitch for new business

No waiting for data to be collected – quickly Explore recent trends and gather data for new business projects.

Identify how & when particular trends gained momentum, and compare them in scale to the broader conversation.

Better informed research

Identify key topics and dates, then download the mentions for in-depth analysis.

Product features

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 - Accurately compare trends

Accurately compare trends

Understand how conversation has changed over time and how different topics compare.

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 - Place research into context

Place research into context

Compare trends to understand scale, and when particular topics gained momentum.

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 - Readily download for analysis

Readily download for analysis

Retrieve actual conversations and make use of the full analysis toolkit to deep dive into the mine of opinion.

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