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2 October 2019

Consumer Sentiment in Retail

Deloitte partnered with BrandsEye to gain more insights into the factors driving consumer sentiment in the retail industry.

Today’s retailers are confronted by savvy, connected customers who are arguably more engaged than ever before. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become powerful tools for consumers to engage on virtually all aspects of their lives from relationships, politics, shopping, travelling to any kind of service they may receive

To gain more insights on the South African consumers’ sentiments in the Retail sector, Deloitte Africa partnered with BrandsEye, a data mining organisation that combines AI and crowd-sourced human intelligence to listen in into social media conversations for public opinion.

About the report

The report analysed close to 1.7 million social media posts and other online engagements to gauge particularly the current sentiment of local consumers towards the country’s leading grocery retail chains. Based on this sentiment analysis the report developed five key themes and proposes a number of key interventions for retailers to have more meaningful engagements with their customers and to gear their organisations to become more customer-centric.

Download the report.

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