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Social Customer Service Audit

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Are you lagging or leading in social media customer service?

Our research shows that most brands are not meeting customer service expectations. Growing preference for customer service on digital channels places new demands on organisations to better serve customers on social media or risk losing them.

Priority Conversation Flow

Are you missing conversation that requires your attention and action?

The priority conversation flow map is designed to illustrate your response rate to inbound priority conversation from customers. It includes both direct (mentions your brand handle) and indirect (does not mention your brand handle) customer interactions.

Response Rate

Are you meeting customer demands for responsive service?

How much of your priority conversation are you responding to? A growing number of customers view social media as a preferred platform for responsive customer service. Your unanswered and publicly visible priority conversation, including threats to cancel and new customers looking to purchase, can cause lasting reputational and brand damage.

Response Time

How quickly are you responding to customer service requests?

Find out how long you’re taking to respond to priority conversation on Twitter. Leaving hours or even days between an interaction on Twitter can lead to an increased churn risk and damage brand loyalty. Our crowd-verified audit provides a detailed breakdown of how long it takes you to respond to your priority conversation.

Net sentiment scores

Gain an authentic and accurate voice-of-customer measurement

Measure CX performance with Net Sentiment, an aggregated and real-time customer satisfaction metric. We separate the customer experience conversation from the reputational conversation so that your reading of CX performance is not skewed by marketing efforts, and vice versa.

Analyst insights

Commentary provided by BrandsEye’s social insights analysts

Each report is reviewed by one of our experienced social insights analysts and includes customised high-level qualitative insights about your social customer service.

Purchase your Social Customer Service Audit

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After you’ve paid your once-off fee, you can expect:

  • Your audit results in three working days
  • A purchase confirmation and invoice via email
  • A 10-minute telephone consultation with a BrandsEye representative to confirm the scope of the audit

Your concise six-page PDF audit contains:

  • Your tweets individually evaluated and verified by our Crowd of human contributors
  • Priority conversation flow
  • Response rate and response time
  • Net Sentiment score
  • Tailored commentary from one of our expert social insight analysts
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