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Acquisition and Retention

React in real time to acquire new customers and reduce churn

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Millions of consumers take to social media channels to express their opinions about the products and services that they buy. This deluge of unsolicited customer feedback is a gold mine of sales and retention leads, that has to date been impossible to mine. Using a proprietary mix of AI and crowd-sourcing, BrandsEye is able to accurately mine this data and route the right contact opportunity to the right team in your organisation's customer contact value chain. Your teams are able to react to the opportunity in real time, improving the retention or acquisition rate and reducing the cost of saving or winning a customer.

Use intention data to drive acquisition and increase retention

Intention data is the sentiment bearing conversation that signals a customer’s intent to either purchase or cancel with you or a competitor. Until now, social media tools have not been able to accurately mine intention data to reliably generate opportunities. BrandsEye has solved this problem. Our Acquisition and Retention products facilitate the accurate mining and efficient routing of intention data to the correct team in your customer contact value chain, leading to an effective intervention. Organisations with a subscription model and high average revenue per user are best able to use our products to drive revenue growth and reduce churn.

How our Acquisition and Retention products work

BrandsEye’s Acquisition and Retention products draw on the same raw data sources as social listening tools, but crucially cut out the noise and channel only the relevant intention data to the correct team in your customer contact value chain. Our machine learning algorithms, coupled with our Crowd of human verifiers, distil the intention data that is relevant for your organisation from the vast mass of extraneous data. The Crowd categorises every single relevant social media mention, according to your organisational design for acquisition and retention. The data is then routed using our ticketing and workflow software, or via API integration with your existing social contact system, to the correct customer-facing team.

Intention data refinement and routing process diagram

Unstructured social data is processed into organised and actionable opportunities and then routed to your customer contact teams for intervention.

Example tweet: Intent to cancel - retention opportunity

This tweet* is an example of a customer displaying high intent to cancel (ITC) with your organisation. Our Retention product will route this to your retention/save team, presenting them with an opportunity to intervene, resolve the concern and retain the author as a customer.

Our Acquisition product facilitates the rapid expansion of your customer base by targeting your competitors’ dissatisfied customers. BrandsEye is able to accurately identify potential leads, giving priority to the most actionable leads first.

Example tweet: Negative towards competitor, intent to purchase - acquisition opportunity

This is an example tweet* that shows a dissatisfied customer of a competitor organisation. BrandsEye will route these types of opportunities, where there is an intent to purchase (ITP) with a new provider, to the appropriate sales team in your organisation.

Example tweet: Negative towards competitor - acquisition opportunity

BrandsEye is able to collect mentions that algorithms would not usually identify as obvious sales opportunities, such as the one above. In this tweet*, a competitors dissatisfied customer is clearly unhappy with their service, presenting a sales opportunity for your sales team.

*Original tweets with brand references removed

The benefits of routed intention data

Drive revenue through customer acquisition and retention

Your teams are able to react to opportunities in real time, improving your retention or acquisition rate and reducing the cost of saving or winning a customer.

Leads routed to your teams

Generate new high-quality leads by connecting your customer contact teams with your competitors’ dissatisfied customers.

Intervene to reduce churn

Improve your customer retention rate by efficiently connecting to all of your dissatisfied customers, prioritising those whose intent to cancel is strongest.

Improve staff efficiency

Save your customer contact agents time by routing only relevant data to the correct team in your organisation, removing the need to manually sift through large amounts of irrelevant data.

Prioritise actionable opportunities

Prioritise the most actionable opportunities so that you’re able to engage and close the hottest leads first.

Reduce staffing requirements

Reduce your organisation’s customer contact staff requirements by reducing time spent passing a customer around the contact ecosystem.

Save on customer retention

Reduce costly offers/discounting on retention deals by rapidly resolving customer issues before they escalate.

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve your overall customer experience and build brand loyalty with customers by resolving their issues without long wait times and multiple referrals.

Frequently asked questions

The product is best suited to large businesses with a subscription model, particularly those with high ARPU (eg. retail banks, telcos, utilities, airlines and subscription media businesses). The more social media conversation that exists about you and your competitors, the easier it is for BrandsEye to generate actionable opportunities.
Historically, accurately extracting the intention data from the vast body of social media conversations has proven impossible. This is because the existing methods, solely reliant on AI, fail to accurately categorise the emotions in human conversation. The natural language processing and machine learning algorithms that power these tools are, at best, achieving accuracy levels of 50-70%. This is unsurprising as online conversation is littered with language that machines fail to grasp, such as humour, sarcasm, emoticons and slang. Humans still understand each other better than algorithms do and that's why BrandsEye integrates people into our data enrichment process.
We don't rely on algorithms alone. Once our algorithms have mined social media for relevant conversation about you and your competitors, the conversations are distributed to the BrandsEye Crowd of trained and vetted human verifiers. Each individual mention is distributed to multiple Crowd members who will code it for sentiment and categorise it according to the intent of the author. Accurately categorised, it can now be routed efficiently to the appropriate team. Our crowd verified approach allows us to reach industry-leading accuracy levels of 95%, making our data trustworthy, actionable and if operationalised, a direct contributor to revenue. The human-verified data then trains the AI to be more accurate over time.
You are already likely to be using other sources of customer experience data, such as Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys. These are credible and useful research methodologies, but are always lagging indicators of customer experience. Intention data, on the other hand, offers real-time, continuous access to the unsolicited sentiment of thousands of customers, providing a leading indicator of customer experience and, crucially, actionable contact opportunities that will directly impact revenue.
This is dependent on your current customer contact set-up and the volume of addressable leads / retention opportunities available in your market. BrandsEye will work with you to integrate into your existing customer contact infrastructure and facilitate the requisite training of your staff. In general, we will reduce your customer contact staff-count over time.
BrandsEye's Acquisition and Retention products are not social listening tools. They are not intended for scheduling content, managing social media workflows or generating engagement metrics. BrandsEye is an opinion mining tool that is used to generate actionable opportunities for your sales and retention teams.
Social media data has held enormous promise, but to date has remained peripheral to the core customer contact value chain. This is because the existing tools have failed to accurately understand sentiment, reliably categorise what is driving that sentiment and then connect individual customers on social media to the right contact points within an organisation. BrandsEye's Crowd of verifiers solves this problem by cutting through the noise to find opportunities for meaningful intervention.

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