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Customer Experience

Use accurate sentiment data to deliver superior customer experience

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By listening to, understanding and then acting on social media feedback, you're able to deliver superior and tailored customer experience. Our Crowd verified social media data offers you real time and ongoing access to the unsolicited views of millions of customers. We'll tell you how people feel about you and what is driving them to feel that way.


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 - A granular analysis of your customers' experiences

A granular analysis of your customers' experiences

In addition to highly accurate sentiment and topic analysis, we also report on metrics such as volume of mentions, sentiment over time, share of voice, share of conversations and segment the audience according to gender, location, language, and author credibility amongst other metadata.

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 - Accurate customer sentiment

Accurate customer sentiment

Our proprietary Crowd applies a level of human understanding, that enables you to accurately understand how people speak about you and your competitors. If you’re using algorithms-only, your sentiment data is not accurate enough, that’s because machines aren’t always able to read the nuanced conversation people use online. Read more about how our Crowd works.

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 - Keep your finger on the pulse

Keep your finger on the pulse

Keep abreast of how customers interface with your organisation by tracking mentions and receiving notifications in real-time, ensuring that you’re always one step ahead of your competitors and able to respond to customer needs in an agile way.

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 - Develop a global understanding

Develop a global understanding

Understand your customers and markets wherever they are in the world, in the languages they speak. Our Crowd of trained local language speakers provide an unrivalled level of accuracy and regional understanding so that you can tailor your CX improvements to regional requirements.

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 - Competitor benchmarking

Competitor benchmarking

Track your competitors and gain a macro perspective of the industry in which you operate. With regular benchmarking, you’re able to determine how your brand performs against your competitors.

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 - Identify top influencers

Identify top influencers

Identify top influencers and track their influence on your customers.

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 - A predictive source of data

A predictive source of data

Social media provides you with the volunteered views of your customers. Traditional research methods like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction surveys provide useful review data, but social media sentiment data provides you with a picture of what is happening right now.

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Keep your finger on the pulse of public sentiment
to deliver superior customer experience

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