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A new source of stakeholder information for improved governance risk monitoring.

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BrandsEye provides organisations with a new source of real time and actionable stakeholder data that enables a granular understanding of how stakeholders feel and why they feel that way. This information supports decision-making, governance processes and Integrated Reporting (IR). Organisations are now able to utilise social data to shed new and previously unreportable insights on the six IR capitals. Our human verified data includes metrics on your engagement with, and feedback from, a range of stakeholders including the media, customers, competitors, investors, local communities and the broader public.

New stakeholder relationship data

Reflect the changing nature of stakeholder relations

BrandsEye structures stakeholder feedback and maps it against an ESG thematic framework tailored to your context and reporting needs. This organising of previously unstructured data broadens the scope of your monitoring and reporting capabilities to accurately reflect the changing nature of stakeholder relationships. The data includes your performance in responding to stakeholder interests and needs, an assessment of their sentiment, and crucially, an understanding of the issues driving that sentiment.

Insights on trade-offs and interdependencies

Map relationships and stakeholder impact

Applying the IR principle of ‘connectivity of information’ to social media data is challenging as each post can contain a variety of sentiment signals relating to multiple capitals. Our Crowd of human verifiers evaluate and structure the sentiment and topics according to the six capitals referenced in each post. This enables a detailed depiction of the co-occurrence and interrelatedness of capitals on social media.

Accurate, consistent and comparable social data

Benchmark against competitors and map data over time

BrandsEye maps stakeholder sentiment data over time, illustrating not just year-on-year performance but a granular weekly or monthly assessment that measures the impact of your interventions over defined time periods. Understanding your opportunities and risks in relation to your competitors is vital, particularly where opinion data provides signals of operational failures, reputational damage and competitive advantage. This data can then be benchmarked against a variety of factors relevant to your reporting and decision-making needs.

At the heart of IR is the growing realisation that a wide range of factors determine the value of an organisation

— The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)

Mitigate risk and improve services for citizens
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