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Politics and Government

Inform strategy in politics and government with accurate public opinion data

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Millions of people take to social media to express their feelings on a range of issues from electoral campaigns to government policy. This deluge of unsolicited public feedback is a rich source of data that has typically been impossible to mine. Using a proprietary mix of AI and crowd-sourcing, BrandsEye accurately mines this data providing your organisation with a real-time view of public opinion. Use this data to inform decision making inside political and governmental organisations.

Campaigns and strategy

Listen to and learn from the electorate

Stay one step ahead of the opinion polls and tailor your campaign strategy with live data from social media. Sentiment data gives you a real-time and location specific assessment of public opinion about political parties and their candidates. Traditional polling methods can’t account for the fast-paced world of breaking news and social media. Listening to social media allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of public sentiment and how it shifts in response to unfolding news events and campaign developments.

Political Risk

Find out what the people – not the pundits – think

Develop on the ground intelligence of rapidly unfolding political events wherever they occur. BrandsEye’s crowds of local language speakers enables you to track sentiment across continents in a range of local languages. Whether you’re tracking shifting attitudes towards political figures, institutions or events, our data provides you with granular opinions that can be measured over time.

Government service planning

Empower real public participation

Deliver superior and responsive services using detailed public feedback on a range of government services and policies. BrandsEye’s topics analysis identifies the most pressing public concerns and needs to prioritise. These are presented as organised and actionable insights, enabling you to monitor your interventions’ impact and benchmark against other administrations.

A rich source of public opinion

Governments and political parties around the world make significant investments in understanding public opinion. The traditional methods, including opinion polls and focus groups, provide useful review data but their results are lagging indicators and can’t provide an immediate public response to unfolding events. These flaws were highlighted in the 2016 Brexit referendum and US presidential elections. When BrandsEye tracked public sentiment on social media during these campaigns, the real-time data pointed towards victories for both the Leave campaign and Donald Trump, proving the predictive value in analysing social media at scale.

Who uses our data?

Campaign teams

Campaign teams

Policy makers

Policy makers

National and local government administrations

National and local government administrations

Risk consultants

Risk consultants

Mitigate political risk and improve governance
with accurate sentiment data

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