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Politics and Government

Inform strategy in politics and government with accurate public opinion data

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Millions of people take to social media to express their feelings on a range of issues from electoral campaigns to government policy. This deluge of unsolicited public feedback is a rich source of data that has typically been impossible to mine. Using a proprietary mix of AI and crowd-sourcing, BrandsEye accurately mines this data for your organisation, providing you with near real-time view of public opinion that can inform decision making inside political and governmental organisations.

Accurate sentiment data: a new source of unsolicited intelligence

Our data is used by political organisations and governments around the world to understand how the public feels, about a range of subjects from political candidates and parties to policy matters and government decisions. Our Crowd not only verify the sentiment contained in each mention but provide you with an understanding of what topics and issues are driving that sentiment.

We help you to understand not just what the public is feeling but more importantly why they are feeling that way.


Track public opinion in real time

Gain a real-time assessment of public opinion that can be tracked over time. Traditional polling methods date quickly and can’t compete with the fast-paced world of breaking news and self-publishing. Monitoring social media data however allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of public sentiment and how it shifts in response to unfolding events.

Shape political strategy with sentiment data

Probe public sentiment towards a range of issues from specific policy proposals to public perception of candidates. And if you’re looking to uncover new trends, social media – unlike old polling methods – offers you the unsolicited views of millions of people, from which you’re able to uncover pressing public concerns that can inform your strategic planning.

Mitigate political risk during campaigns

Sentiment data has proven critical to mitigating political risk particularly in tracking of candidates during elections. Stay one step ahead of the opinion polls with live data from social media. In 2016, BrandsEye called the outcomes of the Brexit vote and US presidential election by tracking candidates and specific swing states and cities.

Discover what's happening on the ground, anywhere in the world

BrandsEye’s crowd of local language speakers based around the world enables you to track sentiment across continents and in a range of local languages. Using our data, you’re able to quickly develop on the ground intelligence of rapidly unfolding political events wherever they occur. Our analysis of the 2017 military coup in Zimbabwe where President Robert Mugabe was ousted illustrates the shifting sentiment towards key political figures and institutions including the Zimbabwean Security Forces.

Monitor government services & improve them

Understand the public response toward local or national government’s policies and roll out of services in specific locations and benchmark these results against other regions and administrations with this data you’re able to conduct important research before introducing policy and service changes.

Manage political and governmental reputation

Take a proactive approach to your reputation and crisis communications in the fast-moving world of social media outrage by keep your finger on the pulse of public sentiment. Whether you’re on the campaign trail or inside government, gain a granular understanding of what issues are driving sentiment in order to develop tailored responses.

Our accurate data is powered
by the BrandsEye Crowd

Mitigate political risk and improve governance
with accurate sentiment data

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